It is extremely important all clients follow our aftercare instructions. With proper care and fills, your eyelashes will have the best retention.

• Do not get your eyelashes wet for the first 24 hours.

• Do not use a spa, sauna or pool for the first 24 hours. The extensions need that amount of time to properly bond. Keep in mind- constant use of saunas and steam rooms may cause extensions to shed more than usual.

• Avoid pulling/touching lashes or rubbing your eyes. 

• Do not use eyelash curlers with your extensions. With proper application you will not need them.

• ONLY use oil-free makeup remover. Avoid products that have glycol in its ingredients. If your eyelashes are tangled or crossed over, use the spoolie given to you during your appointments to gently brush them straight and put them in place. You will receive a new spoolie at each appointment - it is suggested to dispose of your old ones.

• Proper hygiene is very important. Please keep lashes clean by regular washing at least twice a day. Our E. Skye Oil Free Lash Cleanser can be purchased in our studio for just $25. It comes with a cute little brush. To ensure the health and hygiene of your lashes, you MUST wash them at the least, twice daily. Always clean in a downwards motion, never rub side to side.

• Never use oil-based or waterproof makeup. Do not use mascara. Do not wear strip lashes. Keep eyeliner off your lash line - even better to avoid completely. Be careful of setting sprays, some have oil in it. 

• Be careful with sleeping on your stomach or on your side. You will have more lash loss on the side you sleep on.

• After showering - avoid rubbing lashes, it best to blot them with a lint free towel with your eyes closed and brush them after.

• You can also dry the lashes by using a hair dryer on the cool setting and blow them dry from the bottom up. It makes them curlier and fluffy. Always brush after.

• Use care when applying facial and eye creams to avoid the lash line. Too many oil-based products can break down the adhesive and will cause poor retention.

• Studio KP recommends fill appointments every 2 weeks to keep lashes healthy, clean and full.

As always, we greatly appreciate your loyalty! We want to continue to give you the best experience, so we will be making many upgrades over the next few months! In order to support our expanding business, prices will be updated as of Oct 1, 2018. Please always read all policies and service descriptions before booking/confirming your appointment so that there are no confusions. If there are any questions or concerns - please feel free to call or text us at our business number. Email and Instagram messages are also a good way to communicate.

Cancellation Policy

We understand last minute emergencies pop up. However, if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment with your eyelash technician, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule. We require at least 24 hours. You can also simply log into your square account to manage all of your upcoming appointments.

  • Clients rescheduling/Cancelling less than 24 hours from appointment time will be charged a $50 fee OR 50% of the service booked if the service booked is $100+. 

  • Clients who no-show will be charged the full amount of service booked.

  • If you cancel within 2 hours of your appointment time, you will be charged 100% of the service booked. 

  • To book a future appointment- any and all outstanding fees must be paid. 

*For medical emergencies/car accidents - we can apply your cancellation fee towards a future appointment if you show proof. 

Late Arrivals

Lateness is factored into your scheduled appointment time. If you arrive late we will not be able to extend your appointment time. Out of respect and consideration for your eyelash stylist and other customers, please do your best to come 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to sign any waivers, use the bathroom, wash your lashes, etc.

Other Policies

  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes before scheduled appointment to wash your lashes/take your makeup off, use the bathroom, and/or sign any waivers. Keep in mind that Rittenhouse traffic is very bad so please give yourself an extra 30-45 mins to find parking if you’re driving & an extra 10-15 mins if taking Uber/Lyft.

  • Please arrive makeup-free. Any time used to clean off your eye makeup will take away from the actual lashing time and will result in lashes being not as full as you desire. 

  • Skin sensitivities and allergies are extremely rare and your safety and care are of our utmost concern. We use the highest quality products and the most up-to-date techniques and sanitation protocols in the industry. However Studio KP is not liable for reaction due to our products. 


If you experience an allergic reaction to any of the products used during a service, please contact us immediately for assistance in assessing the situation. If you’ve experienced allergic reactions to eyelash extensions in the past and think you may have an allergy to our products, please let us know before your appointment. *Refunds are not given for allergic reactions, however, we will offer a coupon for a future lash lift. Eyelash adhesives contain cyanoacrylates. See our refund policy.

Studio KP Guarantee

We guarantee satisfaction with our work. If you have any concerns with the service you received, let us know within 3 days and we will fix it to your satisfaction at no extra charge. This is a policy we’re proud to offer you.

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds on services. We do however, offer a Studio KP Guarantee on all of our services (see Guarantee Policy). If you experience an allergy and are unable to wear the eyelash extensions applied, we will offer a coupon for another service. Please see our ‘Allergies Policy’ for more details.